Five perfect business card moments

August 25, 2013 by  

Business cards speak volumes about a business’ creed and creativity. A space so small is given the dual responsibility of communicating everything a customer needs to reach the business, while ensuring its design is the first that comes to mind. Their importance should not be underestimated; it’s all too easy to delete an email or miss that important text. What’s the perfect business card? The one that gets business.

Realizing you need a business card

Whatever you’re doing has enough potential – or demand – that you need material to represent it. People are coming to you for your skills or services, and they want a convenient way of sharing your abilities with their family, friends, co-workers and, hopefully, complete strangers. Nothing is superior to word-of-mouth advertising. Business cards make sharing convenient not just for business owners, but also for their clients. The day you’ve got interest in whatever you’re offering is the day you will wish you already had the perfect business card.

Designing your perfect business card

Whether online or in-person, designing this tiny piece of marketing is an amazing experience. Consider all the different emotions a business could possibly need to convey. Think choosing between eggshell and cream is petty? It’s different when your name and livelihood are what’s being divulged. Colors, materials, shapes, textures, patterns, sizes – the myriad options available to a discerning individual are mind-boggling. Working with a designer is recommended; they know the available options and should have a good sense of what is appealing for different demographics. If at all avoidable, do not settle for a premade design. No business succeeds by blending.

Opening the package of perfect, freshly printed business cards

They’re yours – they represent you and your professional accomplishments. That’s your design, now you can feel why the embossment or high-gloss was worth that little bit extra. These mark you as primed to head out into the corporate world and ready to leave a permanent impression on it.

Handing out the first card

Life has moments that are poignantly significant to some, but not to others. From the recipient’s perspective, receiving a card might not be a noteworthy event, but for you, this represents a definite step to a bright future. The effort put into designing the card now will show its impact. Hope to receive a quick acknowledgement or compliment from the recipient – whether it’s about the business card or not.

Having your business card stand out in the sea of other business cards

As an example, you’ve left a stack with the local coffee shop, noticing that competing businesses have their own neat stacks arranged on a corner of the counter. You return the next day to find your stack has depleted while the competition is still standing strong. What’s this show? Yours are standing out from the competition, and their superior design is not only eye-catching; it translates to a more favourable impression about your business, its reliability, professionalism, and the potential quality of the services and products you provide.