Pinewood Forrest updates community on its progress

April 29, 2017 by  

The Pinewood Forrest planned mixed-use and residential development in Fayetteville is moving forward, and developers invited members of the community and the media to the site on April 21.

This was done to give them an update and raise the first wall of the first house to be built there, according to an article in the Fayette County News.

The project is directly across the street from Pinewood Atlanta Studios, and is inspired by, and in part built for, the artists who work there. Pinewood Forrest’s developers set out to create a different kind of development – one which encourages residents to pursue their artistic endeavors in a space that is home to many other artists. In fact, Pinewood Forrest is described as being paired with the studio.

Dan Cathy, speaking for Pinewood Forrest, says the project is something that has never been attempted before and is what he calls a “live-create-play community” that will go along with the “world class storytellers . . . across the street.”

The community is built specifically to appeal to artists of all kinds, and is inspired by events such as the Sundance Film Festival. Cathy said the community will be the most inclusive ever devised, welcoming everybody from firefighters to movie stars.

By working with brochure printers, illustrated booklets can be created that show the amenities of living in such a purposefully designed community.