New logo for Fayetteville

June 12, 2017 by  

Fayetteville City Council recently unveiled the city’s official new logo.

The simple design is a white rectangle with three lines of blue lettering: the top line is light blue and reads “Est. 1823.” The second line is dark blue, much larger, and says simply FAYETTEVILLE. The city’s name is in all caps with a shadow effect which makes the name appear three-dimensional. The third line is the same light blue as the top line, and has the word “GEORGIA” centered between two blue horizontal lines. Although also all caps, the state’s name is about half the size of the city’s.

The new logo was created by the same firm that came up with the county’s new emblem, and the two are meant to be used.

Ray Gibson, Fayetteville’s manager, says the council felt the date of the city’s founding should be included because Fayetteville takes historic preservations seriously.

For many years, Fayetteville has used the city seal as its official logo, and it will still be used on occasion. However, the new logo will be paired with the one designed for the county, and will be the primary name found on websites, documents, social media, and particularly materials associated with tourism and economic development.

Efforts like this can benefit if officials create brochures, which can be displayed in racks and are free to interested parties, to illustrate the changes.