Fayetteville may make zoning U-turn

October 14, 2016 by  

Fayetteville officials are considering a rare measure: they may reverse a zoning decision they made last year, and allow property to revert to its original status.

The reason for this potentially unusual step is because there has been no development on the property in the past 18 months.

In March 2015, Fayetteville officials agreed to rezone five acres. The property is on the south side of Georgia 54, and was zoned C-3, highway commercial. They agreed to redesignate it as RMF-15, residential multifamily, at the request of Cobblestone Apartments’ owners, who were planning to build 33 townhomes there.

Jahnee Prince, acting planning director, outlined the reasons for reversing the original zoning decision in a memo she sent to the city council. She noted that staff members have made numerous inquiries into the status of the planned project. In January 2016, the owner said they were gathering quotes for the work on the site, but have not submitted any plans to the city.

Fayetteville has an ordinance dealing with what it calls speculative zoning, which says that if work has not begun within 12 months, the zoning change will revert to its previous status. Prince has learned that the company proposing to build the townhomes sold the property in June 2016, to new owners who have no plans to continue the development, and do not object to the reversion.

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