Fayetteville master plan under review

February 26, 2017 by  

At a retreat on February 9, members of the Fayetteville, Georgia, city council discussed a proposal for the city’s master plan with Haddow and Company.

The plan has been under discussion for over two years, but six months prior to the retreat, additional proposals were made to it. Haddow wanted to discuss those changes.

Haddow representatives said they had performed an analysis, and found the original plan to be a good starting point for the city, but had some additional concerns. After the meeting, Fayetteville mayor Ed Johnson said the city would study all the options available to bring the plan to fruition.

Changes between the original plan and Haddow’s version centered on the issue of parks and open space, as well as the property that’s now part of the school system. Haddow would like to see the area between Stonewall Avenue and Lanier Avenue, and continuing east of Tiger Trail, have more park space available than suggested in the original plan. The first idea put multifamily homes and retail spaces in the area, but Haddow argued that such mixed-use developments would demand high rents, and green space would be more desirable in the downtown.

Haddow also said that the property currently belonging to the school system should be developed incrementally instead of undertaking many construction projects simultaneously.

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