Fayette County considers halting rezoning requests

August 7, 2016 by  

Steve Brown, a Fayette County Commissioner, wants to put a moratorium on rezoning requests.

According to an article in the Fayette County News, Brown took the opportunity at a late-July meeting to ask the other commissioners to consider putting a 150-day delay on accepting any more rezoning applications. However, his request was so late, the board decided to wait until the next meeting, taking place this Thursday, August 11, to consider it. In the meantime, the commission will have time to discuss and research the issue.

Brown described Fayette County’s housing market as “red hot”, with sellers dictating the terms. Due to the spike in activity, which Brown says is the greatest in 10 years, applications for rezonings and annexations have grown to an “unprecedented” level. Brown wants to delay the flood of applications to give the commissioners time to meet with municipalities and residents to discuss current land use plans, as well as plans for the future. Brown would like to see what is proposed for the future of the county, and also urges the board to be proactive rather than reactive.

Charles Rousseau, another commissioner, said he wanted to study Brown’s motion to make sure Fayette County wasn’t sending signals that it didn’t want new businesses and further growth. He is fearful of unintended consequences if the matter is not pursued wisely.

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