Fayette County amends its comprehensive plan

May 12, 2017 by  

Fayette County recently approved an update to its comprehensive plan, an effort to delineate the goals a community can use to map out its future with regard to land use, economic development, housing, and transportation.

The update takes into consideration the population forecast, which shows the county’s population could increase by almost 30% by 2040.

The update’s key points included Fayetteville residents’ desire to maintain the county’s rural feeling, which will be retained by maintaining attractive entrances to subdivisions, and keeping the size of lots large to reduce density, and thus traffic. Other points of discussion were greenspace, the path system, parks, and cultural facility.

The discussion was led by a steering committee and stakeholder groups, with public input provided by a survey conducted online. The effort returned over 1,500 replies. According to Pete Frisina, the director of planning and zoning, the public perception of the county revealed in their responses is that the area is developing too densely and too quickly. They are concerned about Fayette County losing the rural character they love so much.

Saving that character thus became the central point of the discussion, resulting in the Land Use Map being broken into four categories by minimum acreage, with the larger properties in the southern part of the county.

Efforts like this often call on officials to work with a flyer printing company to create mailers for area residents, discussing the issues.