Budget retailer to open in Fayetteville

July 23, 2017 by  

Lidl, the giant German discount grocery chain that is opening stores across the United States, has won approval to build an outlet in fayetteville.

The city council recently approved a series of zoning requests and annexations that will have to be completed before Lidl can move in, and the decision was unanimous. The new grocery will take over the J&R Clothing spot on North Georgia Highway 85.

The first change is rezoning the store to C3 from C2 to make room for a larger footprint, since the Fayetteville Lidl will offer more than 35,000 square feet. The Planning Commission recommended the measure be approved, but added three recommendations. First, Lidl has to provide a written narrative describing how it will manage stormwater, and then it has to obtain a GDOT permit to redevelop the site. Finally, Lidl needs to provide a combination plat signed by one entity.

Greg Clifton, a former Fayetteville mayor, favors the store but wondered why it could not choose a different spot. He was informed Lidl has very specific requirements for the sites where it builds its stores.

The process of getting approval for the store has taken over a year since Lidl had to purchase two separate tracts of lands to accommodate all the requirements for buffers.

Stores can get an early boost if managers work with a newsletter printing company to create a letter for community residents, inviting them to try the new location.