North Carolina locations club together following storms

October 24, 2016 by  

The big cleanup began for many homes and businesses in Fayetteville this month, as rainwater subsides after devastating storms rampaged through the area in late September, causing widespread flooding.

Thousands of dollars’ worth of damage had been done as flood waters reached historic levels in many places, with homes, businesses, schools, and churches affected. Extensive flooding made many roads impassible, with sinkholes developing as tarmac was washed away, resulting in cars abandoned at the roadside or half submerged in the muddy waters.

Cape Fear River broke its bank in several places, and nearby dams and bridges were close to flood levels and in danger of topping as the storms raged on.

It was when the flood water receded though, that the full extent of the devastation was revealed. For many it will be a daunting task as they try to calculate the true cost of the damage to property and belongings. Companies and businesses, large and small, will have to replace equipment, stock and promotional products so that they can begin trading as soon as possible. Insurance claims will be made and items replaced.

For the citizens of Fayetteville the post-storm clean up may be a long and tedious job, but thankfully the storms did not take any lives and community spirit will no doubt see the city continue its solid recovery.