Local theater hosts production of Shakespeare’s Henry V

November 1, 2016 by  

Theatergoers in Fayetteville may want to check their calendars as a production of William Shakespeare’s Henry V is in full swing at the Cape Fear Regional Theater.

Henry V is set mainly against the backdrop of the Battle of Agincourt and tells of English King Henry V’s bid to claim French territory despite being vastly out-numbered. As the eve of battle draws near, Henry goes under-cover and moves among his soldiers so that he can find out how they truly feel.
After giving a rousing speech to his troops, which includes the famous line ‘we few, we happy few, we band of brothers…’ Henry goes on to defeat the French and unite the two countries.

Combining the original Shakespeare script with contemporary costuming, staging and seating arrangements, the director Tom Quaintance says:

“The play is set up to be an exercise in imagination, you suspend your disbelief here.”

The production is to be Quaintance’s last at the theater, as he is set to take up the role of artistic director at the Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk. He is known particularly for his advice to audiences before a performance to ‘lean forward and engage’. Quaintance has been with the theater company for five years.

Performances started Thursday, October 24 and will continue through to Sunday, November 13.