Fayetteville’s NC Civil War museum plan moving forward

July 31, 2017 by  

Plans and funding for a Civil War museum in Fayetteville are underway, with some funding from the state and the bulk coming from the North Carolina Civil War History Foundation.

The chosen site for the $65m museum is one of the state’s most historic Civil War locations. However, the museum will not focus on battles but rather with how the war affected residents of the state. Comparisons will be drawn between North Carolina’s antebellum period and the lives of the people here following the war, as well as how the war’s outcome affects people’s lives today.

At the center of the project will be a 60,000-square-foot building made up of interactive displays that include touchscreens as well as artifacts. In keeping with the times, the Foundation will make the museum available over the internet to every schoolroom in North Carolina. At the museum itself, there will likely be brochures detailing the many other Civil War battle sites as well.

The museum will not be opening anytime soon; in fact, the groundbreaking won’t take place for several years. So far the state of North Carolina has agreed to provide $5m for the museum. The North Carolina Civil War History Foundation has raised a total of $22m from local government and private sources out of the projected $65m required.