Library staff and children recognize public safety personnel

February 5, 2017 by  

January 9 was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and local children, as well as members of the staff of the Farmington Community Library, got together to say thanks to public safety officials from Farmington and Farmington Hills, Michigan.

During the event, which is known as ‘Operation Goody Bag’, children from the local area got together with the library staff. They decorated gift bags and then filled them with treats and snacks. Once they were filled, the children presented them to officials at the Farmington Hills Fire Department, the Farmington Public Safety Department, and the Farmington Hills Police Department.

Officials from all three of the public safety departments were on hand while the children colored and filled the bags. The event gave the kids an opportunity to interact with public safety personnel one-on-one in a pleasant way, and to show how much they appreciate the work these department do. For their part, officers were very appreciative of the way the children and the library staff recognizes them for their service.

National Law Enforcement Day was created in response to some negative perceptions of police being help all over the country. People everywhere are urged to show that they support the police in their demanding career, and recognize that the vast majority are hardworking and skilled officers.

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