Farmington Hills Police go above and beyond

August 8, 2016 by  

When 13-year old Erik Saperstein was asked to visit the police station on July 22, he thought he might be asked more questions about this recently stolen bike. Instead, officers gave him a brand-new Trek bicycle to replace it.

Police raised the money from their unions and from personal donations. Erik was delighted and surprised, and thanked the police for their generosity.

The youngster had his bicycle stolen in June, while he and his grandfather were working in their backyard. Saperstein had saved up to buy the bike, which costs about $360, by working as an umpire at baseball games.

When Farmington Hills detectives investigated, they were touched by the incident. Detective Dave Newcomb in particular said Saperstein had not done anything wrong, nor was he behaving irresponsibly—someone just saw the opportunity to steal and took it. Newcomb and other officers decided to surprise Saperstein by replacing the vehicle.

Newcomb started the effort, and worked with American Cycle and Fitness, where Erik bought the first bike, to find a replacement. Ken Stonehouse and Michael Reuter, who own American Cycle, sold the bike for cost and then tossed in a lock, helmet, and kickstand free of charge.

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