Beaumont Health to expand Farmington Hills campus

November 13, 2016 by  

Beaumont Health, the biggest healthcare system in Michigan, is going to get even larger when it expands and renovates its campus in Farmington Hills.

Beaumont recently announced that it will put $160m into its site at Botsford Hospital, which has been operating for 51 years in Farmington Hills.

A parking deck opened the week of October 23, which is adjacent to the hospital and offers 470 spaces. The groundbreaking ceremony took place October 24, and construction on the first phase of the project began November 1.

The expansion comprises 210,000 square feet, and includes new south and east towers, a new surgical department, and an enlarged emergency department. A tower that offers 80 rooms for private patients is also in the plans.

A portion of $10m from the $160m total will be gathered via fundraising, and 16 doctors who practice emergency medicine have pledged $1m among them as a jump-start. Sanford Vieder, who is the chair of Emergency Medicine, said this particular group of physicians has played a leadership role in the hospital for a number of years, and was happy to step up to lead the philanthropic effort.

The project is expected to be completely finished late in 2019. Facilities like these can benefit by working with brochure printers, who can create illustrated booklets for mailing to the community showing the proposed improvements.