Fall River has new plan to keep the city clean

April 15, 2018 by  

An amendment to the city ordinance of Fall River was recently given preliminary approval by the City Council that would allow vehicles to be towed or tagged as part of the street sweeping program proposed for the city.

Pam Lebeau, Vice President of the City Council, commented that the goal of the program is not to raise funds for the city through towing and ticketing the vehicles of residents, but to help keep the streets of the city clean.

Lebeau added that most of the street cleaning in the past had been primarily in the area of Government Center and not thoroughly in the rest of the city, because the street cleaning machines needed to sweep around parked cars. The program needed to be extended to other parts of the city in addition to the main streets and particularly the ones that were exits and entrances to the city.

Street cleaning will be done between Monday and Thursday and from the hours of 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Portable signage will be used in each area to be swept the day before the work is to be done to warn those in the community of any parking bans.

Print shops can be used for programs such as this one once a permanent plan is in place for sweeping the city.