Fairfield welcomes new toy store

February 8, 2018 by  

A new toy store is set to open soon in Fairfield, giving people a chance to find a rare toy they have always wanted, or to sell items to make room.

Cincinnati residents James Sawyer and Chris Neal will open The Toy Department, a 1,200 square-foot space, on Dixie Highway at number 6600.

Together Sawyer and Neal have over 40 years’ experience with collectible toys. The new store will buy toys as well as selling them. Sawyer said that people may believe they are only sales-oriented, but they are always interested in seeing toy collections people are looking to seller, particular if they are Kenner toys. Kenner, best known for its association with Star Wars, was founded in Cincinnati in 1946.

The new shop will carry a variety of collectible toys that were manufactured in the past 50 years. Familiar names along with Star Wars include the Care Bears, Transformers, and G.I. Joe. The duo also plans to carry Funko Pop merchandise; the company makes bobbleheads and licensed figures, many with pop culture tie-ins like Harry Potter and Dr. Who.

Sawyer helped manage The Earth Collectible Toy Mall, a retailer in Pleasant Ridge, and Neal has sold merchandise online along with spending 20 years attending toy conventions all over the country, where he operated booths.

The Toy Department’s opening is scheduled for February 17. New enterprises like this can benefit if managers work with a flyer printing company on handouts to announce the opening.