Fairfield demolishing old school

July 16, 2017 by  

Recently, workers began razing a Fairfield, Ohio, elementary school.

The demolition is part of an effort to remove the old building and replace it with new schools. The new facilities are slated to open in September this year.

It will take about two weeks to tear down Central Elementary School completely. Crews started the process by removing anything that contains asbestos, including blackboards that had been glued to walls, and caulking around windows. In fact, several windows were completely removed.

In addition, a worker found a brass marker in a spot where some remodeling had been done. What appears to be a container for a time capsule will be turned over to school officials. A more bizarre find was what looks like a laminated apple found hanging from the ceiling in a classroom on the second floor.

According to reports, any items that cannot be sent to a landfill for recycling will be taken away by work crews. Then an excavator will raze the building one section at a time, starting at the south end. The new buildings, which cost about $80 million, will provide the district with its sixth elementary school.

If officials work with a newsletter printing company, they can aid this sort of renovation by creating an informative letter for parents and other interested residents of the school district. The letter can explain the work, and give interested parties a glimpse of the new schools.