Car dealer to rev up in Fairfield

April 14, 2017 by  

A strip mall on Dixie Highway will soon be the site of a used car dealership, as Fairfield Volkswagen expands.

Kenwood Dealer Group owns both Fairfield Volkswagen and the strip center, and has decided to use the latter site to sell used cars.

The vacant strip mall has belonged to Kenwood since July 2014. It plans to develop a building there comprising 4,914 square feet to offer service bays for mechanical work, cleanup bays to detail cars, and a small showroom. The new space will allow Fairfield Volkswagen to expand its inventory of both new and used cars.

Costs of construction are estimated to be $1m, beginning in March and continuing through the opening of the dealership in September. The project’s total cost is thought to be around $1.5m. The new building is designed specifically to tie in with the existing Volkswagen showroom, using the same furnishings, interior design, and color scheme, according to Tony Blaine, who manages the dealership.

Blaine went on to say that all of the dealerships located on Route 4 perform well, which is one reason for expanding in this location. He also likes conducting business in Fairfield in general, and believes tearing down the old center and constructing a new building will help improve the entire area.

Companies like this can benefit by using colorful banners to attract attention to the new lot when it opens.