Firefighters’ academy launched in Everett

April 18, 2018 by  

The Everett Fire Department, along with nine other fire departments, recently organized the Snohomish Fire Training Academy.

The academy was formed because the county’s needs for hiring fire fighters is outpacing the spaces available for enrollment and training.

It offers 14 weeks of intensive training at South Country Fire located near Everett. Member agencies are Everett, Arlington, Lake Stevens, North County Fire, EMS, Marysville Fire District, South Country Fire, and fire districts 5, 7, and 19.

Timmy Key, Everett fire chief, says teamwork went into creating the Snohomish County Fire Training Academy, adding that it provides a more efficient way for local agencies to train new recruits.

The training program is designed to train firefighters in correct procedures and to be familiar with local regulations. New firefighters will be dispatched to fires and ready to respond more quickly.

The academy will train 27 recruits at a time for 40 hours per week. They will be prepared for a first fire station assignment.

There will be seven officers serving as mentors and 45 instructors from 10 different member agencies.

Everett Community College will provide fire science instructors for conditioning and strength-based training to ready the recruits for physical requirements of being a firefighter. They will also teach how to handle stress.

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