Everett Halloween event makes a splash

September 3, 2016 by  

As Everett residents mark off the days on their calendars in anticipation of Halloween, the Parks and Recreation Department is looking to fill the time with Goblin Splash.

The aquatic event combines costumes, food, games, and more in a fun, child-friendly package. All costumes are welcome to the festivities, with parents and children both being able to participate in a variety of on-deck games offering prizes for the winners. Attendees can also try out a number of refreshments made in line with the event’s spooky theme. Visitors are encouraged to bring treat bags to fill with candy and other fun prizes.

After the games, hijinks, and food, it will be time for a swim. Due to the dangers of swimming in costume, attendees must bring a swimsuit to change into before they go for a dip. Following the normal safety rules of the pool, swimmers under seven must be accompanied by an adult at all times, who must stay within arm’s reach. Also, no more than two children per adult are allowed.

The Goblin Splash will be held on October 15 at the Swim Center at Forest Park, located at 802 E. Mukilteo Blvd. The admission price for entry is one can of nonperishable food per person, which will be donated to the Volunteers of America Food Bank. Anyone interested in more information should contact the city directly.