Starbucks ponders Encinitas location

February 12, 2018 by  

Coffee giant Starbucks, which has a store in the Camino Village Plaza, is considering relocating within the same center.

The company would like to put a drive-through coffee shop in the space that once housed a KFC, along the El Camino Real, and city planners recently gave the okay to the plan.

The KFC closed in August 2016, and the period of time that has elapsed without a tenant in the store means Starbucks is required to apply for a major-use permit from the city to open there. However, the coffee chain’s declared intent to build a drive-through has caused some concern among Encinitas residents, who wonder if the shop could cause the same sort of traffic problems a similar store in Leucadia experiences.

Starbucks has been quick to respond to concerns, setting up a website where residents can contact the chain directly, and urging supporters to contact the city via email. On the site, Starbucks reassures residents that the drive-through has been planned carefully, and with environmental concerns in mind. It says the new site will help reduce congestion at other area drive-throughs.

City planners agreed, saying the measures Starbucks is taking to mitigate traffic problems are enough to take care of any concerns about vehicles forming a line that backs onto El Camino Real, or blocking the parking lot.

Issues like this concern many people, so officials could work with a flyer printing company to create a factual mailer for area residents.