Encinitas to replace Moonlight Beach lifeguard tower

November 9, 2016 by  

On November 2, Encinitas city officials held a groundbreaking ceremony on Moonlight Beach, according to a recent article in the Coast News.

They were celebrating the start of a new project—the Moonlight Beach Marine Safety Center. The center will replace the old lifeguard tower that was taken down the week before. The new center will be in place by the early summer of 2017.

One Encinitas lifeguard described the old tower as a local landmark and an icon as legendary as a favorite palm tree that overlooks the beach. Paul Giuliano, who has been a lifeguard since 1991, said the old tower had served well for many years, and even though it was hot in summer and freezing in winter, it was home for the lifeguards. He added that although he and others will miss the old tower, he is happy to see the new center going in.

Mayor Kristin Gaspar said the new center was long overdue, considering that 3.5 million come to Moonlight Beach in a year. With that number of visitors, a state-of-the-art marine center was necessary to keep them safe.

According to lifeguard captain Larry Giles, the new center will have three main components: an observation deck; a direction connection with 911 to speed up responses; and a dedicated space for the Sheriff.

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