Encinitas to hold housing element meeting

January 4, 2017 by  

Encinitas is planning to hold a meeting to find a way to move forward on the issue of its housing element.

Under California law, every county and city in the state must incorporate a so-called “housing element” into its general plan. The element is put in place to ensure that all communities have enough housing to meet the needs of residents, no matter what their income.

The underlying premise of this law is that if housing needs are to be addressed via the private market, the regulations and land use plans adopted by municipalities should provide opportunities for development without overly constraining it. The meeting is necessary since voters failed to approve an update of the housing element in the election held on November 8.

On December 14, the Encinitas City Council voted to hold the workshop to help determine what residents are willing to accept with regard to attempts to build housing for everyone in the future. At that meeting, the council also recommended there should be a moderator at the meeting, and that person would have to be approved by Bruce Ehlers. Ehlers was instrumental in getting the measure voted down, but said he did not think a moderator was necessary, since he believed residents and council members could work productively without one.

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