Encinitas nonprofit wins grant

December 5, 2016 by  

The County Board of Supervisors has approved several large grants for area nonprofits, including the Encinitas Arts, Culture and Ecology Alliance, which is tasked with developing the site where Pacific View Elementary School is located.

The board members unanimously agreed to approve its program of neighborhood reinvestment grants, which provides funds to public agencies, county departments, and nonprofit community organizations for a one-time use. The funds are meant to help with recreational, educational, cultural, social, community, or environmental needs.

The Alliance is working to change the site of the former elementary school into a center for the arts. It was granted the sum of $150,000, which it will use to fix the floors, walls, and roof of the building. The grant is the largest amount of money the group has been awarded since the Encinitas City Council picked it to assume the stewardship of the site, both for the short-term and long-term, in 2015. Up until now, the Alliance’s efforts have been limited mostly to clean-up events, often involving the community, but now organizers say the money will allow the group to do its first significant work at the location.

As its name implies, the school sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific, making it an ideal spot for artists.

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