Encinitas delays approval of alcohol permits

February 5, 2017 by  

When Union Kitchen+Tap, a lively restaurant and bar in Encinitas, California, requested permission to expand its patio, it appears to have triggered a decision on the part of the Encinitas Planning Commission to create a temporary moratorium on approving new establishments that serve alcohol.

For months, the commission has been urging the city to review the situation, given the fact there has been a steadily rising number of requests for permits for new establishments that serve alcohol, most located on Coast Highway 101. The Union Kitchen+Tap’s request apparently led the commission to suggest the moratorium—it decided to defer its decision on Union for a month at least.

In a unanimous decision, the commission said it would continue debate on the patio request some time in the future, but not before February 16. On this day, it should receive a report from the city on the increase in the number of establishments that serve alcohol, including how many have recently opened, where they are, and if there has been any indication the new establishments have had any impact on crime statistics.

Glenn O’Grady said that the moratorium was not formal, but simply a way to give the commission time to understand the situation more fully.

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