Encinitas considering changes along El Camino Real

July 16, 2017 by  

Encinitas hopes to make El Camino Real more enjoyable for pedestrians by following recommendations made by an expert who was hired to study the problems with the road.

Dan Burden recently made his suggestions to the city council after he took a walk of several miles along the roadway earlier that day, locating specific trouble spots.

He presented a list of ‘fixes’ that could be implemented quickly and easily. These include lowering the road’s speed limit to 35 mph, narrowing some of the traffic lanes, widening the sidewalks, planting trees in the median strip, and encouraging shopping centers to link together via pathways.

Long-term proposals include creating public/private partnerships between the city and its agencies, and some of the shopping centers on the road, with a goal of making improvements to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment. Burden also said Encinitas should create some sort of “theme” for the entire area, and use it to decorate.

According to Encinitas’s mayor, Catherine Blakespear, the city council will set aside $250,000 from the upcoming fiscal year’s budget, and use the money to improve the El Camino Real corridor, incorporating Burden’s suggestions in the work.

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