Encinitas changing speed limits

August 25, 2017 by  

Encinitas is planning to change the speed limits on some of its major streets. Most changes will be to lower the limits, though some will be raised. The changes are in accordance with California law, which means Encinitas has no option but to comply.

The law is called the “85th Percentile Rule,” and it assumes that 85% of all drivers will drive at a reasonable, safe speed, depending upon the traffic, safety, and engineering conditions of the road. Every five years, California requires every city to conduct a survey of the speeds used on its major streets, and then adjust the speed limit according to the way 85% of motorists are driving. If the road is not the subject of a current survey, speeding tickets given on the thoroughfare may not stand up in court, if they are challenged.

Based on the most recent surveys, Encinitas will lower the speed limits on Via Molena, Saxony Road, Quail Gardens Drive, and La Costa Avenue. However, the 35-mph speed limit currently in force on El Camino Real between Gardenview Road and Leucadia Boulevard will be raised to 50 mph, and the stretch between Santa Fe Drive and Encinitas Boulevard on El Camino Real will be raised to 45 mph.

On issues like this that may impact all drivers, city officials might work with a postcard printing company to create a card for mailing, announcing the change.