El Cajon looks for answers to homelessness

February 5, 2017 by  

El Cajon, California, is working hard to find answers to the problem of homelessness, by getting everyone involved in the process.

During the week beginning Monday, January 23, over 100 people from almost a dozen communities and organizations spent three hours at the Rock Church in El Cajon, trying to find solutions to the homelessness crisis, according to an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Sheila Hardison, who is with the East County Transitional Living Center, said people are aware homelessness is “a severe problem in our community,” adding that getting everyone involved is the only way the problem can be solved.

Among those at the workshop were school and civic leaders from throughout the East County, along with social service organizations, faith-based groups, public safety personnel, and business owners. Moderators went from table to table, asking questions to spark solutions.

Among the questions posed were how groups could help businesses handle homeless issues, what the key problems are with police and fire responses to the homeless, and what the best way is to respond to homeless camps and property damage.

Moderators wrote down ideas and gave them to Eric Lund, president of the East County Chamber of Commerce, who will share them at the next task force meeting on February 22. Lund said it is not good enough to say it is not possible to do anything.

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