Highland Park offers flag football to youngsters

August 31, 2016 by  

Flag Football, designed by the American Instructional Football League (AIFL) to build children’s’ self-esteem by teaching them football skills, providing role models to build character, and getting them active, is coming to Highland Park next month.

All games will be played on Sundays at Highland Park High School on the football field. Each game will last for 60 minutes and have a trained referee providing instruction. An official NFL team jersey will be given to each player complete with flag belts that can be kept once the season has been completed. Winners of the final championship game will receive trophies.

There are 10 weeks in the season. During the first two weeks of pre-season instruction, during which time Active Dynamic Warm Up skills will be taught. Certified Parisi performance coaches will rotate the players through a variety of drill stations, and the players will be able to scrimmage and try out the game under the supervision of the staff.

Regular season games run for the next six weeks and playoffs take place during the last two weeks.

The season runs from September 11 through November 20. The AIFL partners with the Parisi Speed School and the NFL and they may be coordinating efforts to get the word out to kids through flyers and other materials about the safety of the sport and the goals of the program.