Edison welcomes new police and firefighters

January 11, 2017 by  

Nine new police officers and five new firefighters were sworn in by Edison officials on December 28, 2016.

In a statement, Thomas Bryan, the police chief, said the department has made great progress in the past few years to increase its professionalism, as well as providing a high level of service to the community. He said that both veteran officers and new recruits understand it is a privilege to wear a badge, which brings with it a responsibility to uphold the highest possible standards of conduct, and to keep residents safe. He finished by saying that he and other officials expect all police to take these responsibilities seriously.

Adding nine new officers to the force brings the total in the department to 186 sworn police, and the five new firefighters bring the total there to 137. The police now have the most officers serving since 2011. Six of the nine came from other New Jersey departments, which means they have training that will enable them to take up their duties almost immediately.

Thomas Lankey, the mayor of Edison, administered the oath, and noted that the first priority of municipal government is to keep residents and visitors safe, adding hiring highly qualified personnel and putting them on the streets is the best way for Edison to fulfill its mission.

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