Edison to give police stun guns and body cameras

February 9, 2017 by  

Edison police will soon be wearing body cameras, using dashboard cameras, and carrying stun guns, according to a January 30 article on Nj.com.

Edison is the biggest department in the area to distribute the equipment to its officers, which it plans to do during the first week in March, 2017.

Thomas Lankey, Edison’s mayor, said that using the new technology will increase the accountability and professionalism of the police, while at the same time strengthening public confidence in the department.

The Edison Police Department comprises about 186 officers, of which 125 will be equipped with Tasers and body cameras, which will be supplied by Taser International Inc., an Arizona company. Dashboard cameras will be fitted to 60 cruisers.

Thomas Bryan, Edison’s chief of police, called the body and dashboard cameras “vital” tools to fight crime, adding they enhanced the ability of officers to gather evidence in both accident and criminal investigations. He said the technology benefits both officers and members of the public.

Edison police have used other types of dashboard cameras in the past, but the new Taser-brand cameras record video using the same format as the body cameras, making it easier to share and access information.

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