Locals invited to lend Crab Meadow Beach a helping hand

December 30, 2016 by  

There are many beaches around Long Island, and a call has gone out to East Northport residents to do their part to help keep their local beach clean.

The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation will be organizing a cleanup of Crab Meadow Beach in Huntington. Those who come out will pick up trash and other marine debris, which will be bagged up and removed for disposal. It is suggested that heavy gloves, sturdy shoes, and warm clothes be worn by the participants.

The cleanup efforts are part of the organization’s larger goal of protecting the area’s marine ecosystems. Garbage and other debris that winds up on a beach can be harmful to ocean life such as fish, birds, and sea turtles, so by lending a hand, the participants will be helping to protect wildlife. Poster printing can be put to use by an organization such as this to create promotional materials the let the public know what they can do to help their local ocean areas.

The organizers of the event are hoping that there will be a good turnout, as the more people who help, the more effective it will be. It is scheduled for January 7th at Crab Meadow beach, which is located in Huntington. More information and an opportunity to sign up can be found on the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation’s website. Those interested can also call 631-369-9840 or email education@riverheadfoundation.org for further details.