Snake Identification 101 next weekend

March 8, 2012 by  

On Sunday, March 18th, 2012 the Campbell County Environmental Education Center, located a few miles from Southgate, will be offering a course on “How to Identify Snakes”. The Campbell County Environmental Education Center is located at 1261 Race Track Road in Alexandia, KY.

The Campbell County Environmental Education Center is a division of the University of Kentucky that delivers off-campus information; grow ideas, and educational programs. This facility is connected with the UK, KSU, and the world at large, and is instrumental in bettering communities, building greater economies, and providing for healthier lives. As an education facility, print companies may have prepared extra handouts for this event.

In the Snake Identification course, people of North Kentucky will learn how to identify the different species of snakes that live in their surroundings. Participants will be able to identify each snake by its color and marking, plus will know if they are harmless or not. There will be a slide presentation prior to venturing out into the natural grounds for a hike. This guided hike will take place around a interpretive trail. Participants are welcome to this class to learn more about snakes, their habitat, foods, and much more. Whether participants love snakes or fear them, they will learn much about them and with any luck participants will be able to see garter snakes, or maybe two, stretch out basking in the sun.

This event is open to people of all ages, but children are required to attend with an adult supervisor. For additional information, or to register, please call 859-572-2600.