Family Volunteer Day at Nature PlayScape

June 25, 2013 by  

Going to look at plants is not most kids’ idea of a fun day out, but the Cincinnati Nature Center, located within an easy drive from the Southgate, KY region, has a new way of giving both kids and adults a much more interactive learning experience. Family Volunteer Day will be held on August 15 for families to come along and help remove weeds and invasive species that will cause damage to the PlayScape area.

The center’s Nature PlayScape, which is also completely hands on and encourages kids to play and learn at the same time. The PlayScape area is made up of grassy areas for sitting on and picnicking, there are pits with sand, pea gravel and pebbles for kids to explore the natures of different materials, and to create fun and novel creations with them. There is a creek that is safe for kids to walk up and down and explore what might be living under rocks or poke around in the mud. Also in the park are nature trails, which are adorned with a range of natural structures that kids are free to explore.

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The event website has full details on the Family Volunteer Day.