Cop mergers bad idea, councillor says

February 19, 2012 by  

Three years ago, the cities of Southgate and Highland Heights combined forces – literally.

The two municipalities merged their police forces to increase service, efficiency and to save money. But the agreement recently came to an end. The merger was dissolved and both forces returned to serving each city as they did before. Despite good intentions, the merger simply did not work and ended up being a costly experiment.

Now nearby Alexandria is looking at the same policy change in terms of law enforcement. Councillor Barbara Weber is worried that her police force, rumoured to be merging with Campbell County Policy, will also be a poor and costly idea.

“We have before us a potential major city policy change that everyone needs to be made aware. This is the most important decision of policy change that I’ve seen in my 14 years on Alexandria City Council. This decision will forever change the way your city and the city police department operates,” said Weber.

The theory behind the merger is one of efficiency and service, however, Weber argues that a small police force provides the community with a more personal connection which, by extension, gives the police department more control in their area. An issue such as this would be an opportunity for local print companies to do some flyer printing for local authorities when alerting citizens of the impending issue.

“At the present time, Alexandria has a model police department. They are well trained, and have quality leadership in the Police Chief Mike Ward. They are provided with the best equipment, they are efficient, courteous and provide a quality level of service second to none,” Weber continued.

Weber has asked citizen to let their opinions be heard by contacting her or other council members.