Zombies to be on the rampage in Louisville

May 31, 2013 by  

With their stiff gaits and festering flesh, few sites would be more terrifying than a horde of zombies sauntering in the street. For the residents of Louisville, Kentucky, this nightmare becomes a fun reality this August, when the annual Louisville Zombie Walk will take place.

Drawing more than 10,000 undead enthusiasts, the Louisville Zombie Walk is the world’s oldest and largest zombie walk. It originally began as a birthday party for two friends sharing a birthdate, but has since grown to the point that city streets are shut down to accommodate the number of living dead walkers.

The walk is free, and spectators are encouraged to come and watch the crazy activities. The event is also sponsored by a number of restaurants and businesses, so tent shopping and sampling is encouraged as always. Vendors and participating merchants will often work with printing companies in preparing their materials, including poster printing, flyers, and banners. Posters are usually hung throughout the region announcing the Zombie Walk and associated activities.

There will also be raffles, and many of the meeting points are located in the parking lots of local bars, so drinks will be available. Walkers are to meet at 8:29pm on August 29, though a pre-party with a screening of Return of the Living Dead will occur at The Back Door bar at 6:00 pm.

The citizens of Louisville realize this is a bit early to celebrate Halloween, but the feel it is a fun kick-off to the fall season. More information is available via the Louisville Zombie Walk.