Steamboat company unveils deluxe brochure for 2018

April 6, 2017 by  

The American Queen Steamboat Company, a company in Tennessee that provides riverboat cruises throughout rivers such as the Mississippi and the Columbia rivers, recently released its 2018 deluxe brochure on their website.

The colored, 100-page item covers the American Queen Steamboat Company’s history, each of their riverboats, the suites and amenities it provides, the cost of traveling for each of voyages, the voyages that will be taking place in 2018, and new additions to the cruises such as added and renovated suites that will be available on the riverboats. Special itineraries are provided too, such as those for a nine-day cruise from Louisville, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio that focuses on next month’s Kentucky Derby.

Rupert Thomson, the American Queen Steamboat Company’s representative in the United Kingdom, said about the 2018 brochure:

“The latest American Queen Steamboat Company brochure highlights the authentic American experience offered by the company.
“We look forward to welcoming more families and larger groups in 2018 thanks to the newly renovated suites aboard the American Queen and the loft suites aboard the American Duchess.”

For more information regarding the American Queen Steamboat Company and the services it provides, or to order or view the 2018 deluxe brochure, visit the company’s website. The brochures can be sent via email, viewed online, or sent to a physical address.