Run for the color in Louisville

February 26, 2013 by  

For those who fancy a run for fun, The Color Run 5k is coming to Louisville in about three months.

The Color Run 5k is a unique and enjoyable experience for the whole family. Everyone is welcome and speed is not a factor in this race. Participants can walk, jog or run. The goal is to have fun.

Each runner must wear a plain white shirt, with most opting to wear T-shirts. As the racers take off from the designated start line, colored powder substances will be tossed on them as they run by the various color stations. By the end of the race, everyone is covered in multi-colored shirts, making it an exciting and lasting experience.

The course is divided into kilometers throughout the three miles and each kilometer area has an associated color, including orange, pink, blue, and yellow. As the walkers and runners go through these zones, the color is tossed on them. The color is guaranteed to be 100% safe and natural with the main content being cornstarch.

The Color Run 5k traditionally provides fundraising opportunities for local charities. The organizers work with the city leaders and volunteers in coordinating the events. They also typically work with local printing companies for production of materials needed to manage the race. Poster printing is a standard project for print companies in order for the organizers to have marketing materials to publicize the event in advance, thereby boosting attendance and participation.

Registration for the Color Run 5k is open via the event website, and the run itself takes place on June 8.