Reggae to groove into Louisville

April 25, 2013 by  

The summer season will kick off with the Kentucky Reggae Festival, the biggest event in Louisville, taking place on Memorial Day weekend. The island flavor and Caribbean atmosphere will include reggae music, a vendor market, and ethnic food.

The Jamaican Association of Louisville participates in the event, along with the vendors in providing delicious and authentic dishes of Jamaica and its neighboring islands. Caribbean spiced meats and poultry never fail to be a yearly favorite among attendees.

Vendors from across the county will have display booths featuring the arts, crafts, beads, gifts, and food specialties, along with many other items. As the soul rhythms of the authentic reggae music play, everyone will have a great time.

Vendors commonly order supplies from local print companies so they can effectively set up their displays and direct people’s attention their way. Banner printing is a useful method of attracting attention, as the banners usually used in these cases are large in size and hang from the backdrop of the booth. Business card printing in advance would also be wise for the clued-up vendor at the festival.

Many top brands participate in sponsoring the event, and anyone interested in joining them should contact the event organizers. To register for booth space, visit the Kentucky Reggae Festival website. Complete information is available on the site regarding the event, including pricing, directions, and the entertainment lineup.

The Reggae Festival will take place at the Louisville Water Tower on May 25, 26, and 27.