Preparations underway for Ironman Louisville

February 26, 2013 by  

Louisville’s signature athletic event of the year, Ironman, will take place this August.

Touted as one of the most energetic and challenging venues on the Ironman circuit, this race includes great entertainment for participants and spectators in one of the most recreational cities in the state.

The location along the Ohio River lends itself to the first event of the day. A trial swim presents a unique opportunity to those courageous enough to jump into the river, one athlete at a time. After drenching themselves in the cool river water, the racers will exit onto the ground and begin their 140.6 mile race, 112 of those miles centered on scenic bike riding through rolling green hills and flatlands.

Traversing Oldham County through the Louisville metro area is part of a two-loop course segment that will be lined with cheering and supporting family, friends and spectators.

A great deal of planning must go into presenting a major event like Ironman. Volunteers are always needed to assist with the hundreds of tasks involved to ensure all goes well. Local printing companies are normally involved in providing materials needed for the race. Banner printing is a key project as banners are mounted strategically throughout the entire course for directional guidance and support for the racers.

After completing the bike race, the final phase to the much sought after finish is running the marathon portion of the event. 26.2 miles past Churchill Downs and the famous Kentucky Derby, onward past the University of Louisville and into the Fourth Street Live’s finish line area with thousands of cheering spectators waiting to congratulate the Ironman super stars.

This year’s Ironman takes place on August 25, 2013.