New aquarium could make a Louisville splash

March 6, 2017 by  

Ed Dana, a businessman from Louisville, Kentucky who is responsible for the creation of the Sleep Center of Kentuckiana, recently proposed the construction of a new aquarium in the city.

Set to be called ‘Kentucky Journey into the Oceans’, Dana plans on building the aquarium at Champions Park, which is currently used for outdoor sports activities, and is hoping to have it up and running in 2019.

According to the brochures on the aquarium’s website, it would be called the Kentucky Journey into the Oceans and would feature a wide variety of exhibits that explore Asian, African, and U.S. marine life. The aquarium would include other aspects as well, such as a dinosaur exhibit, rides, a polar species exhibit, and restaurants.

The inspiration for the project came from The Walt Disney Company park model. Dana is seeking to create an experience that would encourage people to come back for more, claiming:

“We don’t want people to come here and be able to experience everything in one day.”

Dana has already discussed his idea with the Louisville Metro Council, and is currently looking for banks to fund the $60m to $80m business venture. The site where Dana wants to build the park still has to be approved by the city, as it is a location that sits in a floodplain. The other locations that Dana is considering have yet to be revealed.

For more information regarding the Kentucky Journey into the Oceans, visit the aquarium’s website.