Louisville Public Media now operating Do502 website

August 16, 2017 by  

The president of the Louisville Public Media, a nonprofit radio broadcast corporation from Louisville, Kentucky, and one of the founders of the Do502 website, recently announced that Louisville Public Media will be taking over Do502, which is a part of a larger calendar service that posts information about events in cities.

A couple of weeks ago, a broadcaster for LPM made this comment on one of the Louisville stations about LPM and its involvement with the Do502 website:

“LPM will partner with Austin-based DoStuff Media to continue operating Do502.com and the Do502 app and to expand the calendar to include a broad range of cultural, sports, family, educational and community events.”

Do502 provides information about interesting, important, and free events that are going on throughout the city of Louisville and gives users the ability to share event information with their friends, purchase tickets to paid events, and enter into giveaways for tickets and other prizes. Do502 is only one section of the DoStuff Media network, which also features calendars for cities such Austin, Texas; San Diego, California; and St. Louis, Missouri.

To find out more about what Do502 is, what Louisville Public Media is doing with the website, or to see the events the calendar service currently has posted in the Louisville area, visit the Do502 website.