Louisville has nonprofits seminar during month ahead

March 28, 2013 by  

Business First will host a seminar titled ‘Learn How to Turn Business News into New Opportunities for your Nonprofit’ next month.

The conference will offer an intensive workshop demonstrating ways to create and maintain relationships with important corporate partners. Course structure will feature ways to find new donors, obtaining new board members, navigating paper in a short period of time each week, and recognizing nonprofit leads in community entities.

The seminar will also discuss ways to stay on top of pressing topics relating to the nonprofit sector.

Special guest Kirsten Bullock, of Bullock Consulting, will present statistics and examples of how to apply information to relevant business efforts. She will also explore ways to use Business First to develop leads and build prospect databases.

People attending seminars and workshops frequently like to exchange business cards as they meet new businesspeople, as well as prospective clients. Business cards are a main product for most companies, and can be produced using digital print equipment in any amount needed without the restriction of minimum quantity required. The end result from digital printing is high quality and professional.

Registration for the seminar may be handled online via the Business First website. For other business opportunities, interested parties should contact Business First to discuss. The entity is also interested in discussing future seminar topics with community leaders and experts.

The seminar is set for April 16 and will be held at the Legacy Hotel and Conference facility from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.