Louisville celebrates commercial real estate awards

March 20, 2013 by  

Business First will host the Commercial Real Estate Awards in just under a week’s time at the Henry Clay Ballroom.

The program serves to recognize some of the best practices utilized in projects and real estate lease or sales transactions. Special consideration is given for transactions and projects with the largest impact in the community. New buildings and renovated projects completed by the end of last year will be eligible for award recognition.

One of this year’s recognition categories is the “green” status. Companies eligible for award in this area include Forest Green Corporate Office Campus, The Quad at Liberty Green Apartments, and University of Louisville College of Business Equine Industry.

Those companies eligible for award in the educational category include Bellarmine University Flynn Building renovation, St. James Regional Catholic Elementary School, and Valley High School renovation and addition.

Sponsors for this awards luncheon include CBRE Louisville, Bingham, Greenbaum, and Doll, and McBrayer Law Firm. For more sponsorship information, visit the entity website.

Awards luncheons frequently utilize printing services to prepare supplies like posters, menus, tent cards, and invitations. Catalog printing is also a key element for recognition events as catalogs contain all of the nominees and sponsors within, and it will be no surprise if banner printing is used to jazz up the proceedings on the day.

Tickets and table reservations for the awards luncheon are available via the Business First website. To speak with a representative, please call 502-498-1960. It will take place on Tuesday, March 26, from 11:45 am until 1:30 pm.