Louisville announced date for Ironman 2013

March 27, 2013 by  

Recognized as one the most challenging and energetic IRONMAN venues, Louisville is gearing up for its summer event.

Located near the Ohio River, the athletes will start the day with a time trial swim. Athletes will line up along the river bank and jump in, where the water temperature is expected to be between 80-85 degrees, to begin the first leg of the 140.6 mile race. After that little jaunt, they will exit onto the Great Lawn within the center of Waterfront Park and get ready for 112 miles of biking through the scenic hills.

Thousands of spectators and supporters are expected to line the streets of the two-loop course. Volunteers will be spread throughout the entire event to provide assistance as needed.

After the rigorous bike ride, the last leg of the journey is the 26.2 mile marathon. Flat running all the way, athletes will pass the home of the Kentucky Derby known as Churchill Downs and then onto the University of Louisville. As runners come into the finish line at Fourth Street, the festivities will begin.

Large events like this one often utilize printing services to produce materials needed to manage it. Banner printing is important, as they are placed strategically throughout the venue to draw attention to key areas. Posters are also useful in announcing the upcoming events prior to the day to garner interest and boost attendance.

More information and registration forms are available on the IRONMAN website, or to speak with a representative, contact 813-868-5940. The date for the diary of those up to the grueling challenge is August 25.