Irish intrigue to come to Louisville

March 11, 2014 by  

The Louisville Hibernians will be responsible for presenting the AOH St. Patrick’s Parade later this week, with the theme ‘It’s a Great Day for the Irish’.

To get things started, the Blessing of Beer and the Tapping of the Keg, a favorite feature of the week-long celebration, will take place on March 13 beginning at 5:00 pm. The event is held at the BBC Taproom on Main Street and usually attracts a healthy cloud. A keg of special bourbon that has aged for five years is featured. The keg is blessed by a local clergyman and used at O’Shea’s for the parade. It is marched in behind a piper with the Hibernian members for the Tapping of the Keg party.

Before the parade, an Irish Breakfast will take place, with a noon mass to follow it. The breakfast is scheduled on March 15 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am at the O’Brian Hall at Saint Louis Bertrand. The cost for breakfast is $10 for adults and $5 for children.

Many sponsors make the event possible by donating money, goods, and services to the event. Community spirit is high for this celebration, with volunteers always ready to assist.

Parades often have banners on the floats, carried by attendees or placed throughout the route to guide traffic. Banner printing is likely to be handled by a local print company.

For more information on the AOH St. Patrick’s Parade and other activities, visit the Hibernian website.