Downtown Louisville reveals first phase of the Bourbon District

May 11, 2017 by  

The Bourbon District in downtown Louisville, Kentucky is being revived and phase one of the city’s plan to reignite interest in the historic district was revealed recently.

The first section of the plan took place at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts on Main Street and featured objects such as historical signs and banners related to the previous and current boom for the bourbon industry.

The four-phase plan, constructed by the Louisville Metro Government, the community involved in the downtown bourbon industry, the Louisville Downtown Partnership, and the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau, is designed to highlight the history of the Bourbon District and the upcoming attractions with the use of historical objects and other objects such as a sculpture story hub, which will help visitors learn about Downtown Louisville’s past.

The president and the owner of the design company Solid Light, Cynthia Torp, said about the Bourbon District initiative:

“Working with the Louisville Downtown Partnership to create the Bourbon District was especially meaningful for us because our roots are here, so we are dedicated to keeping the history of our community alive. With every piece of history we uncovered and historical marker we designed, our passion for the project and for sharing Louisville’s bourbon story grew.”

The Louisville Downtown Partner focusing on the notion that a strong downtown is crucial to an area’s economic progress.