Coffee companies brew new deals in Louisville

December 21, 2011 by  

The name Heine Bros. Coffee will remain a Louisville institution, but the company’s namesake is moving on.

Gary Heine has sold his share to Heine Bros partner, Mike Mays, on the eve of the company’s merger with Vint, another local Louisville venture. Mays said the merger will allow Heine Bros to open five more locations in the next three years.

“By pooling our resources, our energies and our talents, we’re going to be able to grow our Louisville footprint,” Mays said in an interview.

Those aforementioned talents include Chris and Toni Levanson, and Chuck Schnatter of Green Bean LLC. Schnatter’s brother is John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s International.

The first Heine Bros. was opened in 1994 on Longest Avenue. Now there will be 13 stores throughout Louisville – nine bearing the Heine Bros. name and four still called Vint’s, each keeping the same management and staff. Mays said each will retain their distinctive flavour by continuing to order their coffee through separate channels. The savings will be seen on the operational side, in payroll, accounting and in choosing a printing house for tent cards, brochure and business card printing. For example, said Mays, bottles of their customers’ favorite flavoured syrup can be purchased 18 per cent cheaper that previously.

The savings will allow the newly formed company to further expand, beginning with a new store off Blankenbaker Parkway early in 2012. The new partners are also considering areas which are not heavily populated with coffee shops, such as Jeffersonville, Hikes Point, Clarksville or the South End of Dixie Highway.