Christmas set to come to the Galt House Hotel

October 30, 2013 by  

To experience the holiday magic, locals can take the family to the Galt House Hotel in Louisville. Starting with the Peppermint Express Kiddie Train traveling through the Candy Cane Forest and then breakfast with Ernie the Engineer, the event is sure to delight the entire family.

Joining the festivities this year will be the Sing ā€˜nā€™ Joy International Choral Festival and Competition. Thanksgiving weekend festivities will include many choirs from across the country as well as international participation in competitions and sharing traditions from the various cultures.

Previously owned by Dr. W.C. Galt in the 1800s, the Galt House Hotel was opened as a 60 room hotel in 1835 and has hosted many well-known visitors including Charles Dickens, P.T. Barnum, and Tom Thumb. Several presidents have also visited the hotel in the past including Lincoln, Taylor, Grant, Hayes, and Buchanan.

Fire destroyed the hotel in 1865, but architect R. Whitestone started construction a block down from the original location. With a price tag of $1.5 million, the new Galt opened in 1869. It featured 118,000 pounds of steel beams supporting the Grand Ballroom on the second floor.

Today, the Galt House Hotel is one of the most renowned venues in the region, hosting many events and activities. The Christmas event is one of the most popular, attracting many families to enjoy everything the season has to offer. Print companies often handle materials needed, such as flyer printing to market the events in the city.