Arbor Day recognised in Louisville

May 19, 2012 by  

Louisville celebrated Arbor Day on May 3 with a special tree planting and dedication service. The celebration was held at Wildwood Park, where an Armstrong Red Maple tree was planted.

The Arbor Day celebration commenced with a welcome speech by Mayor-Councilman Pat Fallot of Louisville. Mayor Fallot also gave a presentation of the Arbor Day proclamation. Members of the Louisville Tree Commission were then introduced and included Chairperson Dorothy Nestel, Raeann Guiley, and Jerry Howald. Special guests at the Arbor Day event were Christina Hagan, who is an Ohio State Representative, and Region 6 Urban Forester, Lola Lewis.

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The Armstrong Red Maple, or Acer Rubrum, is also sometimes referred to as a Soft, Water, or Swamp Maple. It is one of the most common deciduous trees in the eastern portion of the United States. When the Armstrong Red Maple reaches maturity, it will stand as much as 60 feet tall and measure as much as 25 feet in circumference.

The specific area in Wildwood Park where the Red Maple was planted was selected by the Louisville Tree Commission because several of the older trees in the area had previously been lost to disease and storms. The commission hopes the Armstrong Red Maple will bring about new growth in the area and enhance the beauty of the park.